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The Vision of Inkandescent

At Inkandescent, our vision is to be a light amidst darkness and our desire is to provide you with photography and design which reflects the beauty and power of creation.

Inkandescent was also founded with the objective of funding social justice advocacy groups which reach out to those in need. Inkandescent contributes 100% of all profits and 100% of all donations to fund missions projects internationally and domestically. The range of projects and ministry Inkandescent contributes funds to are diverse and include the following among others:

+ relief efforts and rebuilding homes for the victims of hurricane Katrina
+ raising aid and awareness of the injustices in Darfur (Sudan)
+ creating and sustaining livelihood and education programs for the urban poor in Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand), Calcutta (India) and many others
+ providing funding to organizations for tsunami relief in South East Asia.

Our ultimate vision is a world where no child goes hungry, no mother comes home to find her family missing, no father cries out against injustice, street children are no longer existent, human trafficking is unheard of, and the impoverished have opportunity. For this reason, we not only contribute financially to these organizations, but our staff also volunteer their personal time and resources to further the cause of bringing light to darkness.

To read more about organizations that Inkandescent sponsors, please check out our links page.

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